Alternating/Currents will warp time and open on December 8, 2017 and March 9, 2018, featuring artworks by Theo Chin, Anneli Goeller, Jillian Musielak, and Amanda VanValkenburg.

Alternating/Currents are an exhibition series that thinks one concept through two iterations and provides the artists an alternative opportunity to re-exhibit the works in a different format.
Alternating/Currents pay homage to Frédéric Moffet’s brilliant class Shapeshifters at SAIC.

LITHIUM will present A Sounding Line, an evening of reading and lecture performances by Maryam Taghavi, Joe Demes (feat. Eve Kalugin & Caroline McCraw), and Sammi Skolmoski, on December 1, 7–9PM.

These performances cast a line that measures and marks the distance
of a voice, which is also the distance between artist and audience.
One artist will invite audience to be a part of the work, by synchronizing certain physiognomic movements of singing; one will divide into a trio
and, though maintaining a physical space, surround audience with voices that reminisce, reason, and repent; and one, who is a little shy, will chooseto stand further back and direct the audience’s attention towards shifting images

The works presented will be more or less new works. Some may take up the aesthetics and modes of performance more than others. Others might be lifted through method or form – performance as per form. Works more or less continuous and elaborate, works more or less discontinuous and truncated. Still, works as in more than one and more than one working, more or less. So, the labor of the work, the working body, and the working of attention – attention is worked and it is paid. Paying attention allows the work to more or less appear ecstatic at the precise moment of viewing, or to be more or less ecstatic once it disappears and is forgotten.

LITHIUM will present A Dosage Form, a dosage-free capsule for the works and labors, on November 10. 6 to 9PM. Though empty, it is certainly not void. It encapsulates air, space, and time.

An event curated by LITHIUM and David Hall, featuring Sherae Rimpsey, Julia Pello & David Hall,
and Máiréad Delaney on November 10.