When writing long texts, it’s good practice to use a transition to suggest a change in location or time such as in 2020. One could also use words that suggest comparison to signal a development in the narrative like before we were a gallery space and now we are an editorial platform. Eternity is not about going on forever; it's about timelessness. From gallery to cloud, Lithium is in transition. The beauty of new media pieces is their ability to bend time and space, help viewers navigate more than one dimension at the same time. It's why we find ourselves endlessly intrigued and frustrated by technology.  

We hope at TNL that, by hosting various artists on our platform, we are able to foster a feeling of timelessness. To transition is to change from state to another, from black box to web space, from gallery to editorial platform, from one location to many at once, we find ourselves transitioning. In our inaugural issue we want to celebrate this transition.
Image in carousel provided by Mantis Shrimp Creative

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