Alternating/Currents Part:2, installation view, 2018. Image courtesy of LITHIUM.

Alternating Currents2

March 9 – 25, 2018

Alternating/Currents is a two-exhibition series that thinks one concept through two iterations. With its title a metaphor for the back-and-forth conversions between the real and the virtual worlds, the exhibition explores how the intangible digital artworks take forms through performative installations. The first iteration of Alternating/Currents took place in December 2017. After three months, the exhibition reopens with a whole new installation.

In conjunction to the exhibitions, the content of this brochure has also transformed over time. In the last issue, the four participating artists described their works in their own words. For this time, we invited four writers, Kiwi Ivashkov, Orr Menirom, Saul Nelson, and Morgan Rozacky, to contribute their writings as responses to the exhibited artworks.

Download exhibition brochure here 

Alternating/Currents pay homage to Frédéric Moffet's brilliant class Shapeshifters at SAIC.

March 2018

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