Shi Zheng performing, 2018. Image courtesy of LITHIUM.

SILVER GREY SEA performing, 2018. Image courtesy of LITHIUM.

Lucas Reif and his crew performing, 2018. Image courtesy of LITHIUM.

A Night of Sound Performances

Join us on the night of Saturday, February 24, 7-9PM for a series of sound-based performances by Lucas Reif, SILVER GREY SEA (M. Sage + M. Booth), and Shi Zheng. 

A rehearsal of the show will be held on Friday night, February 9, at 7PM.

Featured artists:
Lucas Reif (b. 1997 Seattle, WA) is a Chicago-based artist and designer working across print, publishing, and sound. His work experiments with the intersections of these
mediums, often drawing from the rich collaborative landscapes of punk and hardcore music communities. Much of his current visual practice is rooted in web-based image scavenging and appropriation. He uses various printing processes as a means of solidifying and sealing images and image fragments, transcending the digital space and creating physical artifacts. The printed matter becomes record of an information transfer within a larger narrative, a sort of image system containing interlocking visual languages and cultural residue. His ongoing publication Disruptor was recently featured in Juxtapoz magazine, with the fifth issue of Disruptor set for release in Spring 2018. Lucas is currently a BFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

SILVER GREY SEA (M. Sage + M. Booth) is a Chicago-based musical duo (guitar, electronics / electronics, percussion). Ambient atmospheres and minimal improvisation for color-block terrain. Bring a pillow.

Shi Zheng (b.1990) graduated from China Academy of Art in 2014 and is currently based in Shanghai and Chicago. Using digital media and technologies, Shi’s creations range from digital music, audio-visual installations and live shows. Shi’s individual and cooperated works have been presented in various venues including Sound Art China, FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Ars Electronica, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Castello di Rivara, The Lumen Prize, Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum and OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shenzhen.

February 2018

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